Joint Programs

Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim has entered into joint programs with the universities and colleges listed below. Students registered in a joint program with any of these institutions become eligible to receive two semesters of credit (approximately 32 credits) for their year of study at Ohr Yerushalayim.

       1. Yeshiva University, New York

       2. Touro College, New York
       3. Hebrew Theological College of Skokie, Illinois
       4. Talmudic University, Florida (eligible for Talmudic U Israel Program only if you have attended one of the following: Talmudic University, Mechina High School, Ben Lipson Hillel Community High School, RASG Hebrew Academy)
Alternately, a student may request that a transcript from Ohr Yerushalayim be sent to a university of his choice. Some universities grant a substantial number of transfer credits for overseas study while others grant few or none. It is the sole judgment of the particular institution to determine the number of credits it will or will not grant. When pursuing this option it is therefore advisable to clarify with the college in question their policy concerning this matter. There is a clerical charge of $5.00 for the initial transcript requested and $3.00 for each copy.

Leadership Training

Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim seeks to encourage students to think seriously about assuming positions of future leadership (both lay and religious) in their Jewish communities. Pursuant to this goal Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim offers leadership training seminars designed to help prepare students for positions of leadership via a series of lectures and activities which serve to demonstrate various facets of leadership and group dynamics. Alternatively, a "Kiruv Seminar" is provided which helps develop the requisite skills for interacting with those seeking their way to Judaism.