Admissions Policy

Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim welcomes applications from serious-minded students who feel themselves capable of living up to the challenge of a demanding and stimulating program. The admissions committee gives consideration to those applicants who can submit supporting material (transcripts, references) attesting to their character, intellectual ability, and willingness to put in the effort necessary to succeed. A number of spaces are made available in our mechina program for dedicated students who come with a more limited background. Personal interviews can be arranged in most major North American cities through the office of our American representative or through your Yeshiva High School. Applications are available through the Israel Guidance Director at your school, from our offices in America and Israel or by clicking below.

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MASA, the Project for Long Term Programs in Israel, was launched in 2004 as a joint initiative of The Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency, with a mandate to enable 20,000 young people to attend long term Israel programs annually. MASA does this by providing individual scholarships to participants and through financial, marketing and educational assistance to Israel program organizers.

Please click here to go to the MASA website where you can download an application.