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Rabbi Avraham Fuchs

Rebbe for gemara and halacha

Rabbi Fuchs' infectious smile and wit have become a tradition among alumni and new students alike. He has been at OJ for twelve years and taught a whole range of shiurim ;not only the Gemora B'Iyun shiur in the morning but also the popular Hilchos shabbos B'Iyun for shana Bet as well as the B'kiyus shiiur at night. In addition Rabbi Fuchs gives his famous topical shiur on current events and hashkafa with his own unique outlook.

Born in New York he came on Aliya at the age of 12, and attended the prestigious Netiv Meir High school in Bayit Vegan. After high School he went to Kerem B'Yavneh and then was accepted to the renown Hevron Yeshiva where he grew under the personal tutelage of HaRav Avraham Farbstein, [zatzal]Rosh Yeshiva of Hevron. He learnt there for 4 years and subsequently after marriage received a unique smicha from  Rav Farbstein. After getting married he settled in London for 3 years and learnt in Kollel there, also giving shiurim at North Hendon Adas. What London lost Eretz Yisroel gained, and Rabbi Fuchs settled in Telshestone and devoted himself to learning many years in kollel ,a number of years under  Harav Goldstein shlita,and also under Rav Zilberstein [grandson of Harav Eliashiv zatzal].

After immersing himself in kollel  for ten years Rabbi Fuchs became a Rebbi. He has been teaching at OJ for twelve years and is a mainstay of the Yeshiva , whether its Gemora or Halacha, first year level or second year Rabbi Fuchs has taught it. He nurtures within the talmid a deep love of Torah and its complexity and a caring for k'lal Yisrael and a love for Eretz Yisrael. Talmidim and Alumni come back and visit Rabbi Fuchs , call him for advice and some even come back and teach with him at OJ .


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