Job Assistance

With the tight job market in North America, Ohr Yerushalayim wants to help those alumni who require assistance in finding employment. Towards this end, the alumni office has set up a Job Assistance Program.

If you are looking for a job, simply E-Mail the alumni office the following info (see sample below):

E-Mail address
Profession sought (please be specific)
Experience (please do not mention where you worked in the past; only any experience you have in this field- please limit to 30 words)

NOTE: Your name and E-Mail address will NOT appear on the website

We invite YOY alumni to browse this page if you know of a job opening to see if anyone fits the description for the opening. If yes, please contact the alumni office and we will put you in touch with the job seeker.


Profession sought: Accounting
Experience: 5 years, specialty in working with hi-tech companies
City: Teaneck