Small Business Forum

The Alumni Association has formed a Small Business Forum to advise alumni who are considering opening their own business. Our goal is to help alumni jumpstart their new business while saving them time and money. Alumni small business owners and professionals- including advertising/marketing execs and accountants- will sit on a committe which will hear ideas, review business plans and provide constructive criticism to potential business owners. In addition, they can introduce the potential business owner to other professionals who can help their business succeed. Alumni wishing to make presentations MUST have a proper business plan prepared in advance. This committe will meet once or twice a year and will be able to hear multiple presentations during one sitting.

We hope that alumni will take advantage of this opportunity and be in touch to set up a meeting time. Thanks to those alumni who have agreed to sit on this committee and help their fellow alumni.

If you are interested in making a presentation, please E-Mail the following information to

Business Idea (50 words or less)
E-Mail address

The alumni office will contact you regarding meeting times.