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Mazal Tovs
  • Andy (96-97) and Mrs. Gladstone upon the Bar mitzva of their son.
  • Jonathan (91-92) and Jessica Landa upon the Bar Mitzva of their twins.
  • Avi (01-03) and Frumi Wiesel upon the birth of their son, Gavriel Yosef.
  • Chaim Hollander (91-92) and Shani Marks upon their recent marriage.
  • Rabbi and Mrs. Yerachmiel Cohen upon the engagement of their son.

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Alumni News
Dear Alumnus,
Rabbi Wagner shlit"a will be in the 
Five Towns area next week iy"H
and will be having a shiur get-together in 
the home of Adam Jakobowitz
393 Midwood road, Woodmere
this Sunday night, Nov 16th at 8:00pm.
He would love to see alumni from the area and catch up.
Looking forward to see you all.
Adam Jakobowitz and Avi Wagner

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