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Mazal Tovs
  • Daniel and Mrs. Sussman upon the birth of a girl.
  • Chaim (97-98) and Rivka Holczer upon the birth of a boy, David Asher.
  • Meir (08-10) and Itta Graff upon the birth of a boy.
  • Rabbi and Mrs. Yaron Weisberg (88-90 + madrich for a few years, Rebbe for many years) upon their daughter's engagement.
  • Rabbi and Mrs. Shmuel Zucker upon the birth of a grandson.
  • Josh Rahmanan (10-12) and Gittel Kaplan upon their engagement.

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Alumni News

TONIGHT!!! Shiur/Get-together by our beloved Shana Bet Rebbe

Rabbi Noach Sosevsky, Shlit”a

On Thursday, March 10th At 8:30pm

At the home of our beloved alumnus Reuvain Knobel

575 Cedar Hill Road, Far Rockaway, NY

Rabbi Moshe Ch. Sosevsky Shlit"a, Rosh Yeshiva
"How do I know that I & my children are good people?"
A Hashkafa/Halacha Shiur on Ethical Self Evaluation
(Based on a lecture delivered by the Rosh Yeshiva at  a major chinuch conference) 
Sunday, March 13th at 8:00 pm
In the home of beloved alumnus Steven Smith 
389 Terhune Avenue  Passaic, NJ 
Separate Seating Available for Women


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